Welcome to “Return to Byzantium – The Art and Life of Lilian Broca”

a documentary by Adelina Suvagau


“Return to Byzantium-The Art and Life of Lilian Broca”, feature documentary, is going to premiere on the Romanian National Television, TVR 2, at 23:10, on July 30th.

The documentary received in 2012, the Best Documentary Award at San Pedro International Film Festival, in California.


Illuminating artistic inspiration

The remarkable life journey of Canadian artist Lilian Broca is dramatically portrayed in Return to Byzantium: The Art and Life of Lilian Broca, a 50-minute film produced by Sonia Productions in co-production with Romanian National Television.

After a lifetime dedicated to art, bringing her international recognition and awards, Lilian Broca returns to the country of her birth, Romania, for the first time in 52 years. The film employs dramatic ?flashback? recreations of Lilian?s past, representing memories of her experiences as a child, teenager and adult, as well as her search to understand religion, mythology, legends and symbols in order to regain a sense of her roots.

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